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From creation to revelation, the power of our choices of positive and negative determine how happy and healthy we will be in our lives.

Touching on the intangible states of love, joy, peace, faith and happiness and making them tangible, Healing Poems for Positive Love is almost a manifesto for how to make the world a better place.

Written with passion, the author uses some beautiful, descriptive, powerful alliteration and metaphors with rhythm and rhyme to conjure up an eclectic collection of poetry for awakening the consciousness of love that brings comfort in a most unusual way.

There are poems for honoring and respecting the environment and all creation, poems about how our amazing bodies work and poems to recognize the wonderful world that we live in. These are poems that question the modern world and look at the causes of stress and pain.

Voltaire said that if there was no God then man would create one. If God is love, then is love God?This book looks at the concept of God as a psychological thought process for love and faith and reveals the possible meaning of the gemstones sited in the book of Revelation.

We can all know love, and the opposite of positive love is fear and negativity which create stress. Using the seven deadly sins, these poems contrast the negative states of emotional hurts and pain caused by these with the optimal states of fulfilling positive love for happiness and vitality for life.

The poem Lost Loves is specifically designed to help move through the grieving cycle to help process grief and bring comfort. There is also the Life Cycle showing the way to help you reduce stress and an interesting brief analysis of the book of Revelation with some thought provoking outcomes for health and well being.

Healing Poems for Positive Love is for spiritual awakening of the consciousness of love for health and energy and well being.

Healing Poem For Positive Love

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