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Parousia: Love's Light is a non fiction and poetic exploration of the healing properties of the gemstones cited at Revelation 21 that describe The Heavenly City; The Holy City: The New Jerusalem. In her previous book 'Healing Poems for Positive Love' Francess asks why was/is Jesus Christ the greatest Healer of all time and what made and makes Him so and asked the question 'if God is Love, is Love God'? A holisitic look at mind, body and spirit and the autonomic nervous system response to stress, her books explore Love as a positive state of being in an endorphin blood - perhaps the Blood of Christ which can attain to rapture and bliss as Heaven on Earth which can only come into being with adherence to God's moral Love. Francess contrasts the state of being in Love with the survival state of fear, adrenaline and cortisol responses to hurts, pain and sin for Love to conquer fear in mind, body and spirit. Working with the positive mindset of Love in accord with Faith as a positive goal and outcome for Love to be made whole for peace for 'a healing of all nations'. Parousia; Love's Light takes you on an epic physical and spiritual healing journey not to be missed.


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