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Call for Peace

Truly Jerusalem means twofold peace and God's healing Love is for Healing All Nations for twofold peace and Heaven on Earth in accord with God's promise to wipe away every tear and to remove pain and suffering from man and woman to make them kind in His Love Amen Ameen Shalom Namaste peace to All Nations. Thanks be to God who is Love and Light through Jesus Christ, the one anointed with the whole spirit of Love who causes us to become whole in Love. We are all One with Love made whole in us, in our body, The Temple for God's Love to dwell. Jesus Christ said 'Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called sons of God.' Here starts the great tribulation maybe. We are all One through Love and there is only One. However all the peaceable are sons of God. 'By their fruits we will know them' fruits of the spirit of Love, joy faith, goodness, mildness, kindness with patience and self control (not to sin) for twofold peace, Peace our conscience, Peace with self and others and Peace with our creator of Love, God, who is Love. May Love conquer fear - 'just as in the twinkling of an eye' is a nervous system change. Love is not a cortisol but an endorphin blood made whole in us for Healing for All Nations and Heaven on Earth as promised by God who is Love. Love is always positive and whole brain function. How far away is Peace One Day? See my poem.

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