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Stress Management Workshop for Friends of Skyros

A Facebook Live event for Friends of Skyros, a wonderful holiday centre for the creative arts and communal living.

3 Easy techniques for reducing your own specific stress levels.

1, Triple Warmer meridian trace which I learned from Donna Eden.

start at ring finger nail and lightly trace up your arm to the eyebrow (on the same side)

2. Tapping K27, the end of the Kidney meridian at the centre of the chest where it joins the neck. then 'zip up' the central meridian as if zipping up a jacket. great for brain fatigue.

4. ESR - Emotional Stress Relief, place hands on forehead and focus on a specific stress until it starts to fade. keep bringing back into attention until the emotional reasoning has processed for consciousness and a reduction of anxiety levels. a very simple and powerful technique. I first learned from Touch for Health, though my grandmother always stroked my forehead when I was young, a little bit of Heaven on Earth for me.

This can help you go to sleep when used in bed at night time and also help clarify your day when used in the morning.

When past Corona Virus time, it is lovely to exchange with a partner or friend.

Keep faith and stay safe and as stress free as possible, may Love conquer fear for healing .

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