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do you know what Love is not a cortisol means?

If you see my Life Cycle blog post you can see that our autonomic nervous system creates the adrenalin stress response to stresses and fears like shock, trauma, abuses, lies, betrayals and injustice. What I realised through my research and work on healing and scripture that the behaviours that scriptures class as sin cause stress hormones, cortisols in our body which is The Temple for God's Love to dwell. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

which in turn I conclude that 1 Corinthians 15:52 'we shall be changed just as in the twinkling of an eye' is a nervous system change from the sympathetic stress response to the stability of the parasympathetic nervous system which looks after all our vital processes. Love will conquer fear and the whole and moral Love of Jesus Christ is what stabilizes our hormones to Love, to the endorphin love which produces the neurotransmitters of calm, attachments, connection, happiness, pain relief and everything which God promises at Revelation 21.

Rapture is bliss which has a molecule called anandamide and God's Kingdom rule is for Heaven on Earth, Amen.

Remember God is Love, not stress and fear.

Remember true love is not a cortisol stress hormone.

Remember Love?

for poems and thesis on this my books are available on Amazon

Parousia Love's Light - a poetic healing journey

Parousia Book of Life - changing from fears to Love

Healing Poems for Positive Love

and coming soon - Parousia Armageddon - the causes of sickness, hurts, pains and grief.

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