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Corona Virus, COVID-19

Well what times we are living through. As a writer of times of prophecy I have been very busy through this lockdown time writing in lockdown and sharing my work freely, as I always do.

I am not opening my therapy room for sometime because I am concentrating on my writing and sharing healing messages of and for hope.

I am also in the middle of a sort out and plan to redecorate.

There are Kinesiologists who work online, please contact the Kinesiology Federation for practitioners working in this way.

So keep faith and stay safe, remember our immune systems are immensely powerful when supported with healthy living.

Keep well hydrated, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and as wholesome foods as possible in accord with the foods that suit your body type and tolerance. I have been using plenty of garlic, onions and lemon for their antibacterial and cleansing properties. Delicious with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on avocados. 'but do not harm the olive oil and the wine.' Revelation 6:6

I have also been planting in my garden. I try to grow foods every year, they are a bit hit and miss, but such a joy. I feel for people without gardens, especially children. I think everyone should have a garden to cultivate and grow foods and flowers, such joy for all ages in the family. A garden reduces stress, increases joy and peace and helps reduce plastic consumption . Raspberry bushes just keep on fruiting raspberries every day, as do cut and come again lettuce produce fresh lettuce every day as well as peas and beans that just keep coming freely, as God has designed. Thanks be to God.

After over a year, I have worked out how to post a blog again so I will be sharing more of my scripture and health treasures revealed for health, well being and joy.

With very best and well wishes in good faith



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