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Blue Moon; a compassion poem Super Blue Blood Moon January 31st 2018

Blue Moon

The moons hue is blue, and draws me in like waves of water;

I feel the draw of my eyes bypassing the stars as my

mind follows my soul seeping towards the moon

merging with mesmerising light in the dark. What will it bring?

A turnaround from the cameras of surveillance of fear, from

heartless fines mining working men and women?

A turnaround from the machinations denying freedom

and beauty in life to flow freely, allowing creativity to

flare like a moon river of Moonlight Sonatas.

Silver lighting to make a silver lining of Gold reflecting

Golden principles rippling, shimmering compassion to shore:

Golden ripples of love reaching the sand with waves of empathy and kindness

creating wealth of place on the beach of this life

making castles with kingdoms of trust and security with

no dungeons of despair, no bent bars, no

beauty and freedom stamped out of existence.

Oh Blue Moon, send that healing love reflected to earth, of

life resurrected for health and wealth for all to dance:

Let’s dance, put on our dancing shoes and dance away the

blues with this New Moon of Positive Love.

Wealth is a place of beauty created in and by us.

By Francess

Written August Blue Moon 2015

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