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The Life Cycle

From Healing Poems for Positive Love and Book of Life.

The Life Cycle for creating Positive Love, Peace, Trust and Security

The Corpus Callosum is a part of the brain which joins right and left hemispheres of the brain for whole brain integration and enlightenment and understanding.

The power of love and reason with faith.

Corpus Callosum

Positive Love + -Negative Fear

Para Sympathetic Sympathetic

Endorphins Adrenaline

Love Fear

Forebrain Reptilian brain

Reason Unreasonable: Stress

Rational Irrational

Fruits of the Spirit Galatians 22 Traits of the Flesh Galatians 19

Peace Conflict

This is based on my knowledge and understanding of the physical and energetic body, mental and emotional states of being, the stress response, The Bibles teachings of love, Yoga traditions, meditation, healing, chakras, meridians, brain science and life. In particular with reference to. Dr Charles Krebbs A Revolutionary way of Thinking and Candice Pert Molecules of Emotion.

My Idea and Theory;

The Autonomic Nervous System is not primitive reflex but is highly evolved for creation of Positive Love and Life Energy in us.

Love is a positive state of conscious awareness that is replicable. Love is a psychological and physiological state in the body and is simultaneously produced by residing in the Para Sympathetic Nervous System where the blood and cells of the body secrete endorphins like dopamine and oxytocin for positive happy body bio-chemicals for energy and well being. This is whole brain utilisation by activation of the corpus callosum joining both hemispheres of our brains and it allows us to access the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex for conscious reasoning and emotional processing.

If we are not residing in the comfortable positive state of love then we have entered into the negative state of fear which is anxiety and stress, uncertainty and negativity with doubt which is fuelled by glucocorticoids and adrenaline in our blood. This is the Sympathetic Nervous System in our bodies and this shuts down the corpus callosum and access to the frontal lobes by activating the amygdala which activates the hypothalamus where the fright, fight or flight syndrome is activated for focusing on the cerebellum for motor skills needed to get out of danger.

Love and fear are key in our learning and memory functions through experiences of pleasure and pain both physically and mentally, emotional and psychological.

Love is perfect because with compassion and understanding, love supports and encourages overcoming doubts and fears resulting in fear being overcome by love, trust and confidence and ultimately faith which gives security. Love teaches and educates for personal autonomy and confidence of choice by love.

With the fine qualities of love, faith, discernment of fear or love, positive or negative for all and self then a right course of action can be chosen for all. Then everyone is happy and contented and fulfilled, everyone can share in positive experiences and live happily and harmoniously together in communities that have peace and unity which must be the ultimate goal for our planet and all its life forms and for mankind.

We can monitor these responses by muscle testing and indeed I think that when we accurately muscle test the body then we are identifying what will either switch on the positive life creating functions of the cell as opposed to the negative atrophy functions of the cell and body which are needed for detoxification and keeping the body cleansed. Everything is either creative or destructive, it is how the universe keeps balance of the elements in every way from the birth and death of a star to the way our kidneys filter toxins out of the blood in living organisms. These are the two forces which govern life and we can influence them in us by how we live and think and feel. We then have the power to work with them to overcome fears and anxieties for developing our confidence and faith and love, the places where we feel good, feel great and zinging with energy for life. We can test what is life giving and up building and creating life energy in the body or what is de energising by needing to activate processes for detoxification there by reducing energy and vitality for life. It is like a factory production and process and a bank account with debit or credit.

We have the choice to cultivate Positive Love for self empowerment and self control for health and vitality and well being with others or we can choose unhealthy, negative thoughts and behaviours which leave us disempowered and out of control of our lives.

These are the laws of nature at work in us and we can influence how they work by living and eating healthily and creating positive thoughts and behaviours which are encompassing all and self for a truly well balanced mind, body and spirit in us. If we can create trust and security we can overcome fear. Is this not worthy of honour and cultivation and time? Is this what we should be focusing on for peace in the world? Is something honourable and good and worthy of honour thereby a god that creates good and positive life by creating trust and security in us? God is love and God is light which is a positive force of energy in us. This is not religion as we have it now but is an energy that creates life in us. This is the life force in us and perhaps where matter can vibrate at a positive frequency which creates light which creates our aura and outer garments or veils that the ancient texts speak of and works at a quantum level of like attracting like and like the flow of electrons between atoms. An energy cocoon of an electromagnetic spectrum powering the very cells it is protecting and creating. Light and love in us. The frequency of love is light. Positive unconditional love works for everyone if we all practice it and then we can attain to oneness and wholeness.

With Positive Love and Light we can have happy and peaceful relationships with each other with communication and conscious awareness and respect of each other. This works in our lives and also in our cells. Our cells need to communicate with each other and for health they need to work together. The cells are changing all the time. The cells are dividing and replicate one to two continuously and this is an infinite process and perhaps what is represented in sacred geometry.

The octave renews itself on every eighth note, the same tone just at different frequencies. There are the 7 tones and 5 semi tones and these resonate with our bodies and different functions of our organs and cells, these also resonate with different thought patterns and emotions. This is how music can be so moving to us and even be a spiritual experience.

To heal is to make sound. Sound is complete and whole. Whole is fulfilled and happy with all the fruits or aspects of Positive Love.

Science is proving this, we just need to humanise it again and work with the laws of Positive Love for health and happiness and well being. “If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it” is a well known saying. Let us repeat what works and have confidence in stability. Why change what is good and what works and is known to work.

So perhaps there are some scientists out there prepared to look in this way at the body biochemistry to prove this theory and some theologians who can discuss and people who can just practice. Let the challenge begin...

My poetry is based on this theory

And food for thought;

Can we really separate God from love? As God is love I think not and if God is love then love should be honoured and worshiped in order to cultivate it, to cause it to become by observing the requirements so love can become manifest in us in the positive form.

Perhaps Jesus Christ the one anointed with a whole spirit of love from our creator who causes love to become was born TO stable and perhaps the sons of Jacob are what IS real in the promised land of paradise on earth. These all create the emotional state of Positive Love and happiness with trust and security with continuum for life.

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